About Us

Friends for years, Alan Blaustein and Dr. Nancy Snyderman grew even closer after Alan was diagnosed with serious illness and Nancy became responsible for her parent’s care in 2005. They shared story after story of dealing with the healthcare system’s many obstacles: managing and coordinating physicians, insurance companies, medical billing agencies, and various hospitals.

The more they discussed these inefficiencies, Alan and Dr. Nancy were amazed by the limited resources available to caregivers and patients to make it simpler for them to manage their healthcare crises and evolving needs. While you would never go to court without a lawyer, you’re left to deal with the complex healthcare system on your own. It makes no sense and should be made simpler.

Now it is – CarePlanners was created to make it easier for you, so you don’t need to do it alone.

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Our Founders

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What Can We Take Off Your Plate?

The Careplanners team represents the full-spectrum of healthcare expertise: registered nurses, social workers, Medicare experts, insurance and billing specialists, and other healthcare advocates  from all over the country.

These deeply caring and committed people share a passion to eliminate the obstacles and frustrations of the healthcare system and help you focus on what’s most important – making the best healthcare decisions for yourself and your loved ones.

Would you be a good Careplanner? Find out about joining us.